What Massage Therapy Can Do For You.

As BC registered massage therapists(RMT) we treat a wide variety of acute and chronic issues as well as providing relaxation massage. From stress relief to motor vehicle accident recovery, there are many potential health benefits from skilled massage therapy. From improving sleep, decreasing anxiety, increasing mobility to relieving headache pain, massage therapy can make a difference in restoring and re balancing your body back to it's natural state.

Massage RMT

Recovery from Injury

Whether you've been in a major car accident, recently undergone a surgical procedure, or had a minor slip and fall, we are here to help with massage therapy. We work closely with our patients to develop a treatment plan that will allow them to return to their normal life with long term relief. We also keep in contact with ICBC and WCB adjusters, Lawyers, Doctors, and other health care providers to give you the best recovery possible.

Sports Rehabilitation and Maintenance

From triathletes and marathon runners to weekend warriors and power lifters, athletes are hard on their bodies. Massage therapy has been proven to increase range of motion, enhance pre-game confidence, help decrease post event soreness, and prevent injury allowing you to perform at your best no matter what sport you play.

Swedish Massage
Massage hands

Maintain Balance and Wellness

Life can be stressful sometimes. We as humans have a tendency to not take a moment to stop, breathe, and recenter ourselves. There are 10,080 minutes in a week and we can sometimes forget to take 60 of those just for ourselves. Massage therapy can be the perfect starting point, neutral ground, or continued avenue to allow you to take the time needed to reestablish your base.